Friday, January 04, 2008

Promotion for juniors is strategy to check attrition BPO companies have formulated a new hiring strategy to beat attrition: Promoting entry-level employees by the droves। Featuring in this list are Convergys, Zenta and 24/7 Customer, among others।
While BPOs claim that the strategy could give employees growth opportunities in the organisation, industry experts caution that it can work to the companys advantage only in the short term, as attrition in BPOs is linked mainly to salaries. This is an attractive strategy. But it needs to be bundled with on-the-job attractions to avoid boredom. If not, it may not work in the long run as the employees may end up doing the same work even after they are promoted, said Adecco (India & Middle East) CEO Sudhakar Balakrishnan.