Tuesday, November 21, 2006

After the BPO and telecom consolidation, various small firms in the Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) industry are expected to merge with each other by 2008. At present, the KPO industry is worth about USD 650 million, as compared to USD 400 million in 2005.

According to a Frost & Sullivan report, KPO is expected to be a USD 32.5 billion industry by 2014 and will employ about 4,00,000 professionals with a CAGR of about 63 percent. The industry employs about 10,000 professionals currently. The KPO industry provides services to various verticals such as financial services, retail, manufacturing, telecom, and healthcare services. In addition, the KPO industry is likely to have a shortage of skilled professionals in the next few years.
Westpac Drops Outsourcing Plans to India

The Australia-based Westpac Banking Corporation has dropped its decision to offshore about 300 administrative jobs to India from its Concord West-based transactions and unsecured lending operations center. The center processes dishonored checks, electronic payrolls, Internet banking, and deceased estates. According to a statement by Westpac, the offshoring proposal did not meet their financial and stakeholder criteria.

The bank also reported that offshoring would not save as much as estimated earlier. The outsourcing plan would have affected about one-third of the center’s 1,000 member staff. The Finance Sector Union of Australia had earlier stated that about 50,000 jobs of the industry’s 280,000 jobs could be offshored.

Friday, November 10, 2006

US HRO to reach USD 19 Billion

According to a report titled, 'Worldwide and US HR BPO 2006 Vendor Analysis: The Answer is in the Margin' by IDC, the HR BPO segment of US HR services will grow at a CAGR 16 percent to reach USD 18.9 billion by 2010.

It also reports that with the growth in the HR BPO segment, the obstacles for the new entrants in the market will also increase. However, the trend might change in the future with the entry of new Indian HR firms. The major reason for the growth of HR BPO services is that most companies, including the mid-sized companies, are aiming at global recognition. As a result, most of the firms are establishing their operations outside their headquarter country. Among the key findings, about 37 percent of the US HR services spend in 2004 was spent on HR BPO services and is expected to reach 46 percent by 2010.

via: GlobalOutsourcingNow