Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Worlds most advanced Formula 1 track is onpaper.
Sounds intersting eh ? Any guesses who’s designing this high tech track ?
Somewhere in US obviously, right ?
Wrong .. Its there in Newdelhi ,the capital city of India !

Now Guess who’s doing all these designing and modelling ?
Cherry picked top 10 architects of India ? No it’s the generation next 20 something young architects from top Arch schools of India.

Welcome to the Next phase of Offshore Outsourcing,its Architecture Offshoring.Its here and its growing.

Delhi based Satellier LLC is considered as the pioneers in the Architecture off-shoring business. Headquartered in Chicago, Satellier maintains a 15,000 square foot studio in NOIDA, a suburb near New Delhi.

"None of our clients want to be open, because they are making a lot of money by working with us.
They don’t want anyone else to.” Jansen says his firm charges about $150,000 for production work that would cost a U.S. firm $400,000 to do in-house.”

Says Michel Janeson , CEO of Satellier LLC

Its really exciting ... Its really " Global Team Work " say what ?

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Anonymous said...

"Yes, that's 'Global Teamwork' moving good paying USofA jobs Offshore to India's college kids?"

Greed never stops.

You'll speak differently when losing your job because of someone's bottom line, but hey don't take it personally it was a business decision."