Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Taiwan III Launches Offshore Development Center in India

The Institute for Information Industry (III), Taiwan, has announced the launch of its offshore development center in Chennai, India. The III is expected to invest about USD 1.5 million towards the center in 2006, with the figure slated to reach about USD 6.7 million by 2008.

The center will recruit about 60 IT professionals in 2006, with the strength expected to go up to 200 by 2008. The center will undertake software development and provide research and development for the Taiwanese Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) companies. It will also act as an information exchange center between India and Taiwan. The III stated the availability of skilled manpower as the primary reason behind selecting Chennai as the location for its center. The institute provides assistance to the Taiwanese government for the development of the local IT industry.

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