Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Canadian Small Businesses to Spend $9Bn on IT in 2006 – Study

According to a study by AMI-Partners, a US-headquartered market intelligence firm, Canadian small businesses are expected to spend about USD 9 billion for the IT related products and services in 2006. This reflects a 9 percent growth over the previous year. The firm expects a majority of the projected spend to be on storage, security, Internet, and IT services.

Amongst the findings, the total spend for basic support relating to computing, networking and software, as well as professional services such as IT management and consultancy, is expected to account for about 25 percent of the total IT spending by Canadian small businesses. The data back-up and disaster recovery are also given strategic importance by the Canadian small businesses. In 2005, these businesses spent about USD 359 million on storage components. In addition, enhanced data security is also amongst the most strategic issues.

Source: GlobalSourcingNow

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Rajiv said...

What happened to the Healthcare BPO being started by the transWorks Executives, I believe it had been aptly named, 1shore.

Any recent news on it?