Sunday, October 15, 2006

Top 100 Outsourcing Deal Value Down to $67.9Bn - IDC

More Globally-Scaled Deals, More Network and Desktop Outsourcing, and Reduced Combined Deal Value.

The tenth annual IDC study of the top 100 worldwide outsourcing deals reveals fundamental changes in the outsourcing marketplace, including an increase in deals with more global reach, an increase in the number of serious competitors, a dramatic rise in network and desktop outsourcing, and a reduction in combined deal value. These developments demonstrate increased competition and customer demand for greater provider capabilities, and create pressure for outsourcers to alter their business models in order to successfully compete and expand in the coming years.

The total contract value (TCV) of the 100 worldwide outsourcing deals decreased by 3.1% from $70.1 billion in 2004 to $67.9 billion in 2005. The study finds a reduction in the number of both megadeals and deals ranging from $500 million to less than $1 billion TCV. However, the number of deals with less than $250 million TCV has seen a dramatic increase from eight in 2004 to 23 in 2005. The study also finds that the number and value of business outsourcing deals declined in 2005, while the value and number of IT outsourcing deals increased. Within IT outsourcing, the share of network and desktop outsourcing deals climbed substantially from 14.6% of total IT outsourcing deal value in 2004 to 32.4% in 2005.

The study found that while six players captured 54% of the top 100 contract value in 2004, it took just five players to capture nearly the same amount (53.5%) in 2005, with IBM Global Services leading the way, followed by EDS, BT Group, CSC, and T-Systems.

Source: IDC Press Relase

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