Tuesday, August 28, 2007


1. Tata Consultancy Services
2. HCL Infosystems
3. iGate
5. Synechron
6. IBM
7. Capgemini
8. Infosys
9. Tavant Technologies
10. Sun Microsystems

According to the annual survey conducted by Cybermedia's flagship publication Dataquest in collaboration with IDC India., TCS, with a large workforce based in foreign shores, followed innovative HR practices and maintained ethos across geographies to achieve consistency in workforce. The employees of HCL Infosystems were found to be satisfied with the growth opportunities, job security and relationship with peers in the company.

According to Pradeep Gupta, publisher of Cybermedia, multinational employers IBM, Capgemini, Sun Microsystems and CSC have mastered the art of managing Indian employees to rank among the Top 20 best IT employers in the country. "Others, especially many India-based IT employers, need to balance aggressive recruitment with the warmth and personal touch...to retain people as they ramp up headcount". A notable absentee in this list is Wipro

The seventh annual Dataquest-IDC survey was participated by 2,844 software, hardware and marketing professionals from 33 IT companies, totally employing 3,04,834 people in seven cities. The rating of employers was done upon the basis of employee satisfaction and HR scores.


Anonymous said...

A few years back when I was working in TCS Management Consultancy group, all the Top performers were getting victimized , misutilized and harassed and ended up leaving TCS, while all the non performing staff who used to mess up and mis-deliver client projects, but were very good in internal TCS politics and groupism, used to get high importance/recognition. Was a very disillusioning first hand experience..
All the good professionals (new people) who tried to take initiatives for improvement, were harassed and even abused by the highly predominant low quality non-performing older staff in TCS, and left the firm after demotivation on this environment. As a result, all the low quality and less educated people who stuck to TCS past 10-20 years are probably occupying most of senior positions nowadays, while all the good people left due to demotivation and harassment etc. This was a big and very sad loss of highly capable and sincere manpower due to the organization's cultural failure

George Andrews said...

In fact, sometimes, truth is far from what is recorded

Kensium said...

Yes in many big MNCs have these types of problems, but it wont come outside. Don't know how will be the jobs in MNCs.. I agree with George..

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