Wednesday, November 30, 2005

BBC Finance to Outsource Support Operations

BBC Finance, the financial arm of the British broadcasting group, has announced a series of cost reduction measures including outsourcing of specific services, in order to plough back the savings into programming.

The move, expected to begin in 2006-2007, includes a number of steps including the creation of a Finance Center at the BBC headquarters, adoption of simpler business procedures, reduction in terminal trading along with the outsourcing of about 40 positions to a third party service provider.

The division is aiming at reducing the number of posts in the division from the current 650 to 310 in 2006-20007, and to about 260 by 2007-2008. The move, as per official, estimates is expected to contribute about GBP 20 million in savings to BBC Finance.
BBC officials said that the cost savings from the series of measures would be invested back to improve the content of broadcasts.

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