Wednesday, September 12, 2007

SolutionInc Acquires Line 4 Communications & Pelatis BPO Solutions

SolutionInc Technologies (SolutionInc), a Halifax-based Internet connectivity, billing, and management software and services provider, has entered into a letter of intent to acquire the Halifax-based Line 4 Communications from Armshore Investments (a merchant and investment bank based in Halifax, Canada). In addition, SolutionInc signed a letter of intent to acquire a 51 percent interest in Pelatis BPO Solutions (a BPO service provider) from Pelatis BPO. Through the deal, the company’s headcount will increase from 40 to 200. The financial terms of the transactions were not disclosed.

The transaction with Pelatis BPO, a BPO service provider with operations in Canada and the Philippines, will facilitate SolutionInc to deliver more services through its own firm, and hence lessening third-party outsourcing costs and increasing profits. In addition, the company has the option to acquire the remaining 49 percent of Pelatis BPO Solutions within the next 2 years.

The acquisition of Line 4 Communications will strengthen SolutionInc’s portfolio to include IP telephony systems as well as enhancing the potential recurring revenue streams.

Glen Lavigne, the President and CEO of SolutionInc, cited that the two acquisitions will strengthen the company’s credibility in key areas, such as support services, customer services, network management services, and product testing services.

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