Sunday, September 30, 2007

World’s coming to India: five cities among the top outsourcing hubs

Bangalore, September 28: Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune and Kolkata are rated among the top five emerging destinations worldwide in the latest ranking of top 50 promising outsourcing cities around the globe. Bangalore, Delhi NCR and Mumbai, along with Manila and Dublin, are the five established hubs that are unlikely to fade from the outsourcing map, according to a study by services globalisation & investment advisory firm Tholons and media group Global Services.

he study ranked Chennai as the top most emerging hub for outsourcing globally, with established expertise in application development and maintenance, finance and accounting, product development, engineering services and testing. The Tamil Nadu government was IT-friendly, and an upcoming Mahindra World City, slated to be the world’s largest IT Park, in Chennai was favourable to its outsourcing climate.

Hyderabad, with relatively low property rentals and favourable government policies, recently attracted investments from BPO majors such as HCL BPO, EXL Services and Genpact and was ranked second in the list. However, recent terrorist attacks in the state have alarmed investors, the report pointed out. Pune gained prominence among outsourcing hubs owing to lower operating costs and attrition rates compared to other metros.

Among the 50 global hubs, Chandigarh, which was described as “one of the best planned cities in India” was ranked at nine and Coimbatore at 21. Cebu City in the Philippines, Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam, Sri Lanka’s Colombo and the Chinese cities of Shanghai and Beijing were also among the ten top outsourcing locations.

Kolkata and Bangalore were emerging as workplaces for application development and maintenance and business analytics, respectively. Tholons CEO & chairman Avinash Vashistha said tier-II centres are gaining prominence as investors become wary of investing in a single city as operations grow. Locations were being gauged for the available skill-sets, and investment decisions were business-driven, he said.


1. Chennai (India)
2. Hyderabad
3. Pune (India)
4. Cebu City (Philippines)
5. Kolkata (India)
6. Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam)
7. Colombo (Sri Lanka)
8. Shanghai (China)
9. Chandigarh (India)
10. Beijing (China)


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