Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Learning Outsourcing ... HR Outsourcing's NEXT wave !

Convergy's study on Learning outsourcing is out now and its wonderful.Especially when Fortune 1000 companies spending more than $100 Million each for their training needs.

Today’s learning organization faces immense challenges in achieving this vision, stemming from the complexity of technology, the decentralization and disaggregation of the learning function itself, an escalatingburden of administrative responsibilities, and a lack of funding and resources to make the up-front investments required for learning transformation.

According to the report Learning outsourcing is being driven by four major trends:

1. Emergence of scalable, enterprise technologies for learning. These technologies enable more effective creation, delivery, and management of learning across the organization.
2. Application of shared service principles to the Learning & Education - L&E function. An increasing number of companies, following the lead of HR, are creating shared service functions for learning that provide infrastructure and administrative services across the enterprise.
3. Proliferating supply chain for learning services. Training is an immense procurement activity, and with the influx of technology and services providers, the supply chain for learning continues to multiply and presents the buyer with increasing complexities.
4. Escalating size of corporations’ investment in learning. It is not uncommon for a Fortune 1000 company to spend more than $100 million annually on training. Add learning opportunity costs—the productivity lost when employees are removed from their jobs to the classroom—and that figure can easily double.

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