Monday, July 02, 2007

IT Exports by Top 10 IT Service Firms Reached INR 682.36Bn – Dataquest

According to a survey and analysis conducted by Dataquest, the IT software and services exports of India by the Dataquest top 10 IT service companies reached INR 682.36 billion in 2006–07 (FY 2007). Of this, nearly INR 392.60 billion was contributed by the top 3 IT services companies – Tata Consultancy Services, Infosys, and Wipro. Satyam accounted for INR 57.89 billion and IBM accounted for INR 48.80 billion, followed by HCL Technologies and Cognizant accounting for INR 45.98 billion and INR 45.84 billion, respectively.

Of the Dataquest top 10 IT service firms, 7 are Indian companies. The study also cited that the IT software and services exports of the Indian development centers of the three international companies (IBM, Cognizant, and Oracle) stood at INR 131.27 billion. Oracle stood at the eighth position with revenues worth INR 36.63 billion in the Dataquest top 10 IT service providers list, while Tech Mahindra stood at the ninth position with revenues worth INR 28.90 billion. Patni dropped two positions down to reach the 10th position, with revenues worth INR 25.73 billion.

In addition, the study revealed that a majority of the top 10 IT companies witnessed a significant increase in their revenues from their European operations in FY 2007. All the top 10 companies are focusing on combining their BPO operations with IT that has resulted in faster growth for BPO. According to the study, the weakening dollar and the strengthening rupee did not affect exporters significantly until the latter half of FY 2007.

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