Saturday, July 21, 2007

NASSCOM has released the rankings of the top 20 IT-ITES employers in India for FY 06-07.

The rankings are based on the India-based headcount of firms with IT-ITES operations in India, as reported to NASSCOM in its annual survey.


NASSCOM sends out a detailed questionnaire annually to all its member companies, accounting for 95 percent of the Indian IT software and ITES industry revenue. Information collated through the questionnaire includes: aggregate performance; service lines; verticals and geographies.

Key findings of the survey:

The top 20 companies collectively employ over 500,000 people of the 1.6 million employed directly in the industry

IT-ITES industry is India’s largest employment generator in the organized sector IT-ITES industry is creating jobs for over 7.5 million people both directly and indirectly and this figure is expected to cross 10 million by 2010

A varied combination of factors have led to this - healthy growth environment, attractive remuneration and different kinds of employment opportunities in the new economy based on varying skill sets, and above all the availability of talent in India which meets the employment projections

This industry needs to work on is the quality factor to ensure we remain the highest employment generator and maintain India’s share of the global offshore IT and ITES industry

Employment is spread across many cities, and the industry is increasingly going to tier II and tier III cities

This process of widespread geographical dispersion of the industry is being adversely affected by the non-extension of the STPI scheme and attendant tax incentives
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crazydaisy said...

Just wanted to point out that something seems to be wrong - Accenture, IBM, etc are not on the list

Shyam said...

Its because they did not participate in this annual survey conducted by NASSCOM.