Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Virtual Recruiter
Corporation enters chat room to recruit top talent

In January Lockheed Martin launched “live chat” feature on the Careers section of its Web site. The Corporation is the first in the industry to use an online, real-time environment for recruiting.

Scheduled chats take place regularly on topics ranging from software engineering and transitioning military personnel to available opportunities in specific locations. User questions range from questions on starting the application process to tips on how to get their resumes noticed. Participants can also talk about their skills and experience to see how they may fit in a particular program area. Corporate Staffing analyzes chat activity and identifies trends in topics and the process. Employees have already been hired as a result of virtual chat sessions, and many more are expected as the tool grows in popularity.

Source: Lockheed Martin newsletter story.

  • Such a system in very useful when there is an emergency to fill the seats
  • This is surely going to help reduce cost per hire
  • Improves job fit and reduces turnover

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