Monday, July 02, 2007

A recent study by Everest Research Institute cited that an increasing number of human resources outsourcing (HRO) buyers are focusing on accessing the best technologies and improved business process functions at present, rather than focusing on achieving cost savings. According to a company spokesperson, some HRO buyers are even ready to achieve cost savings of less than 10 percent or even zero percent as they are more inclined to access latest technologies and value-based functions; however, HRO buyers' major focus was on cost savings five years ago.

Among the key findings, about 54 percent of HRO buyers have outsourced about 10-12 HR processes out of 12 processes, with transaction-intensive and support HR processes being outsourced more frequently as compared to judgment-intensive processes. Other key findings cited that about 22 percent of HRO buyers did not outsource their HR training function, while about 45 percent revealed that they outsourced 1-5 training activities. However, about 22 percent of HRO buyers revealed that they have offshore operations.

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