Monday, September 19, 2005

Evalueserve Opens KPO Center in China

Evalueserve has announced the opening of its operations center in Shanghai, China. The new operations center will provide Business Research and Investment Research services with a special focus on the Chinese and Asian market.

Evalueserve introduced the concept of Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPOSM) in December 2000 and is the first KPOSM company to enter China. The company has been operating from its center in Gurgaon, India, which has over 850 analysts, providing Business and Market Research, Investment Research, Data Analytics Research and Intellectual Property Research services to companies worldwide. Evalueserve will first start providing basic services from China, but will continuously add capabilities over time.

According to Marc Vollenweider, CEO and Co-founder, Evalueserve, “For a growing number of Western companies, the focus of research has shifted to Asia. Many of our clients wanted us to provide research services in Asian countries. By adopting a strategy of multi-delivery locations, and opening an operations centre in China, we now have the capability to serve our clients better in Asia.”

This strategic move makes Evalueserve the first global KPOSM Company to have multi-delivery locations in two of the world’s most rapidly growing economies – India and China -- each having a huge talent pool of knowledge workers.

After successfully redefining the global BPO industry by offering higher-end knowledge services in the outsourcing arena from India, we believe that having an operations centre in China will add significant value to clients wanting a ‘first hand’ understanding of the dynamic Chinese and Asian markets” – says Robert Daigle, Vice President – Sales and Marketing.

Sumeet Chander, AVP -- Business Research, will head Evalueserve’s China operations.

Source : Evalueserve’s PR and Corporate Communications


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