Monday, September 26, 2005

Orange may Offshore 700 Jobs to India

Orange, the European mobile phone operator, is likely to outsource 700 jobs from its UK unit to India by the end of 2005. Orange officials disclosed that the decision follows successful call center trials held in Delhi, India, through BPO companies Vertex and Convergys.

The group stated that it was looking to expand the number of calls handled offshore by its third-party partners. However, the operator also stressed that the offshoring of calls to India, many of them Pay-as-You-Go inquiries, would not lead to reduced staffing levels in Britain, and that the company had recruited more than 900 workers in the country between May and July 2005.

Orange officials confirmed that the company’s British communication centers would still handle a majority of calls and it would continue to have a significant presence in the Northeast and Southwest.

Orange is recruiting a team of 20 to 30 volunteers, chosen from its British sites, to travel to India to help train staff in the call centers.

Reported by The Economics Times

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Anonymous said...

I know its all indian team now ... last wekk i talked to some Priya from newdelhi ... they r cool fellows .. good work , thats why they r getting more n more UK jobs ..