Monday, September 19, 2005

Mick James article on the continuing controversy that surrounds Outsourcing ( Consulting Times magazine Sept 2005) is really interesting.

"British people clearly react against certain accents on the phone—I doubt they even consider that the nice Scottish and Irish people at their favourite bank may themselves be outsourced. And,frankly, what do you expect when you entrust someone with dark skin with a complex technical operation like button-pushing?"

The article clearly analysing the ups and downs , dos and donts,hows and whens of outsourcing and give the reader a fair impression on this heavily negativly used tearm - " Outsourcing"!

And the case studies are awesome and discribes the real face of the 'corporate life saving drug' called - Outsourcing !

"Nothing new here. My experience with various clients has convinced me that its the fear of change,and NOT the lack of capabilities or the advantages, that drives most of the resistance against outsourcing".

He beautifully describes the fear of the caller when she hear the line "may I have the last eight numbers of your Creditcard please" from the Customer support executive. An interesting point that the article points to is that as Outsourcing matures, we should expect more bad experiences, and some services
moving back in-house occasionally - 'Some' !!!

Here's my favorite line - “Early adopters”, whether of outsourcing or the mini skirt, get significant benefits either in profits or popularity. As others follow suit, the competitive advantage erodes and people who frankly shouldn’t have been seen dead in that style start appearing on the street. And then the world moves on ...

And above things all are just Copy+Paste power of Microsoft XP ! Here's some original advice from me - a kid in the world of outsourcing - for those who still doubt about the term Outsourcing -- please read " The Essence of Survival "!

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